Sloan – Never Hear The End Of It

Sloan has carefully crafted perfection yet again. This time, it just might be their Exile On Main Street, their Pet Sounds, and yes, their White Album. Sure to be mentioned endlessly in the coming months by those in the know, Never Hear The End Of It is the witty, bright, insightful and fun breath of fresh air you’ve been seeking in the repetitive wasteland that is modern rock.

At 30 (mostly brief) songs, it’s a non-stop barrage of soaring, jangly bliss. Here are all the best elements of Twice Removed and One Chord To Another, making the sound modern and inimitably their own, while still proudly wearing their 70’s sensibilities on the front of their classic black t-shirt with white sleeves.

The strong songs on this set can easily stand alone, while also working well in the seamless mix of the album. Never Hear… swings along like a hipster on the summer sidewalk of a downtown Friday night, dressed to the nines and ready for anything. It reaches out with arms of pop goodness and gives you a big, warm harmony hug. You’ll nod your head in time with the hook-heavy music, hear your own story in their clever wordplay, laugh when they laugh, and learn a little more about yourself along the way. When it’s finished playing, you’ll happily spin it again from the top.

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