Sloan (October 21, 2006)

Mika likes Sloan more than anyone, meaning she likes Sloan more than anyone else does, and more than she likes anyone else. Really, it’s easier to just say that she likes Sloan more than normal people like anything. She warned me that she would become insufferable in the leadup to this show, but really, that’s being overly harsh. “Mildly giddy” is not the same as insufferable. I’m guessing the steady stream of quality concerts took the edge off this one somewhat. Perhaps that is a good thing.
We arrived at the Odeon about an hour later than we had planned, despite being there right on time. That’s what happens when you misread your tickets and you think the doors are opening an hour later than they really are. Luckily, nothing had started yet, so it all worked out in our favour.
I bought no shirt. I debated it off and on throughout the evening, finally deciding that I would buy a pink Sloan shirt – pink to match the colour of their new album – but after the concert was over, everyone in our little group headed straight for the door so I opted against it so as not to slow everyone down. I kind of regret this – not that the shirt was that nice (it was the album cover, which is a picture of the four dudes on a pink background, nothing earth-shattering), but I’ve wanted a pink t-shirt for some time and this was a brilliant excuse. All you find for dudes are lame shirts at jeans stores that say stuff like “REAL MEN WEAR PINK” or “MY OTHER SHIRT WAS DIRTY” or “MY JOKES AREN’T FUNNY AND MY SHIRT WAS OVERPRICED.” I just want a plan pink t-shirt. Or a pink t-shirt with pictures of Sloan dudes on them, that’d be good too.
The openers were The Yokos (according to the ticket) or The Yoko Casionos (according to the band). They were perfectly fine. Apart from about 25 awesome bands, the Canadian station on XM plays about two million completely indistinct bands, and the Yoko Casionos would fit right in. At no point did I ever think “I’m not enjoying this,” but also, at no point did I think “I should maybe buy this.” They were there. And it was fine. And then it was over, and I didn’t think about them at all until just now.
Between sets, we debated which Sloan song was the most famous. The debate eventually settled on Underwhelmed vs. Money City Maniacs. I went with Underwhelmed, but was told that I only felt that way because I am old. This may be true. But I don’t care if Money City Maniacs is in beer commercials and Future Shop commercials – if people don’t know that the riff they’re hearing is from Money City Maniacs, it’s immaterial. Or else I’m just trying to bend the rules to make myself right.
Anyway, the Sloan show was pretty great. Much like the New Pornographers, it was better than the previous time I’d seen them, and again, a good part of that had to do with the crowd. A disproportionate number of the crowd were teenage female hockey players who apparently had hockey battles against Sloan earlier in the day.
There were a great number of songs from the new album, which is no surprise, as the new album has a great number of songs. Unfortunately, I only knew about four of them (and one, Who Taught You To Live Like That, had its first verse essentially forgotten and mangled, though I’m not complaining as things like that are kind of awesome), but that’s my own fault. Especially now that I HAVE listened to the album and I’ve determined that it is, in fact, pretty great. Still no Underwhelmed, but like Aaron said, I’ll just have to go back next time.

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