Wartime – Fast Food For Thought

Those who know me will know by now that I am a Henry Rollins fan (OK, so I own all the albums, web-only stuff included, and Black Flag too) and I’d heard about this EP but never found one until today. A 1990 toss-off and man, I generally like Rollins but this is pretty bad.

If I didn’t recognize the voice, I wouldn’t even say it was a Rollins project. Frankly, it sounds like cast-offs of his usual angry ranting tracked over (I kid you not) what seem to be thrown-away DJ Jazzy Jeff beats. It is sadly funny. As a fan, it’s an artifact. Don’t go rushing to find your own copy.


On a cooler Rollins-related note, I also found a promo-only copy of the Rollins Band album Weight, packaged in a metal tin made to look like a weight. It’s probably rare and is in perfect shape (and no, it’s not for sale). I am inordinately proud of this find.

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