Norm MacDonald – Ridiculous

I find that comedy albums have a pretty short shelf life. No matter how funny they are, you can only listen to them so often, you know? This may sound odd coming from a devotee of Weird Al, but I’ll be honest, this applies to him too. Whenever a new Weird Al CD comes out, it gets a lot of play for about two weeks, then takes its spot on my shelf. In a few years, it will get another spin, and I’ll smile, and then it’s back to the shelf.

But this is not a Weird Al review. This is a Norm MacDonald review, and Norm, I think he’s a funny guy. Or rather, I think his delivery is funny. Even if the material isn’t great, he presents it in a way that makes me laugh. Unfortunately, this is a CD of comedy skits, not stand-up, which often takes the delivery out of the equation. There’s one hidden track; a segment of stand-up making fun of Ed McMahon and Star Search. Not exactly timely, but it doesn’t need to be – it’s still funny. Arguably the funniest thing on the album.

The rest of the CD is hit-or-miss, with more misses than hits. Some of the skits just aren’t that great and they seem to drag on forever. Like I said, when doing stand-up, MacDonald’s delivery can save any material that needs it. Here, though, that trick doesn’t work. “So unfunny it’s funny again” might work with a live audience to play off of, but on a studio-recorded CD, it doesn’t fly. Maybe it would have worked better for me if I’d heard this with friends, but I didn’t, so there you go.

I don’t mean to be overly negative. The funny skits are well worth listening to. However, I can’t recommend that you buy this, since you’re probably never going to listen to it more than once.

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