Rollins Band – A Clockwork Orange Stage

I was fortunate enough to see the Mother Superior version of the Rollins Band in concert in Montreal (3-28-00), for the Get Some Go Again tour. I’ve never seen a show with that much energy and force, and I’ve been to my fair share of concerts. Rollins looked like he was going to jump off the stage and pummel all of us for the entire duration of the show. He had enough energy in himself for everyone in the room, and the band flew along relentlessly. It was awesome. Recorded at the 100th show of that same tour, A Clockwork Orange Stage comes from the Roskilde Festival (7-1-00) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It should be noted that live albums are sometimes a really dodgy business. If you listen closely, you can just tell it’s been “touched up” so much in a studio, after the fact, that it’s not even the concert anymore. Some even go so far as adding canned audience applause! Yeesh. This record, however, comes straight from the stage, no meddling with the tracks. It’s like bringing the concert straight into your stereo. When you hear it, you realize just how much courage it took to do it this way, how well-honed they were by that point, and just how impressive the outcome is.

Rollins may have taken some flack in the aftermath of the break-up of the original line-up of the Rollins Band, for getting new musicians, but I can’t imagine why. Mother Superior kick some serious ass and leave no question in my mind about whether they fit in or not. Purists can cry all they want, this line-up is great too.

Rollins talks a lot about integrity, and being true and cutting through all the bullshit that fills up your life, and a recording like this is proof that he’s doing his damndest to follow his own best advice.

Folks, get on over to Rollins’ web site and check the sale section. This record is only $5, which is a total shame because it is worth way, way more than that. Why don’t you own it already?!?!

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