Rollins Band – The Only Way To Know For Sure

The Only Way To Know For Sure is a no-fixes, no-overdubs recording of shows the Rollins Band played in Chicago in 2002. In the liner notes, Rollins states that any band can sound good with the help of a studio, but once they get on stage it’s easy to see whether they have the actual goods or not. Hence the title. Bearing this in mind, it’s incredible to hear how tight and mind-blowingly talented these musicians are… every track on these discs is proof that hard work pays off.

Highlight tracks here are hard to pick, since they all tear the roof off the mothersucker. I will tell you that this is one of the most amazing versions of Do It I’ve ever heard, the energy level of which just crushes weaker bands, especially considering it comes along 22 songs into an already searingly hot setlist. These guys were untouchable.

It’s rather hard for me to pick between such things, but if I were really forced to choose I’d have to say that this is my favourite live Rollins Band recording so far. It really is that good.

Recommend it? Hell, if you don’t own it already you are sorely lacking. Hop to it.

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