Sloan – Keeping The Tour Alive

Ah, Sloan.

There’s a whole story here. See, I noticed that this DVD was coming out, and I immediately emailed James about it, probably in block caps to attempt to fully express my excitement. You see, I love Sloan. So I asked James to email my wife about it, that I thought this DVD would make an EXCELLENT Christmas present for little ol’ me. A simply splendid gift, for sure. Yummy.

Why not just buy it for myself? Well, my wife had made me promise not to buy anything for myself so close to Christmas, simply because I’m the kinda guy who sees what he likes (Sloan!) and just buys it right then. So how can anyone get me anything for Christmas?

True to my promise, I waited, albeit impatiently. I’d go visit the DVD on Maple, staring longingly at its groovy orange cover, imagining the excellent rocking and heady Sloan Goodness contained therein. And then, one day I went to visit and the DVD was Unavailable! Panic is not the word. What was a guy to do? OH NO!

Fast-forward a few more days. Given my wonky work schedule and our family plans over the holidays, my wife and I had our Christmas early, last night, and there it was, lovingly wrapped and waiting for me because my wife is completely awesome! Hooray and WAHOO! Imagine my relief. Yay! It seems James had indeed emailed my wife and was apparently not at all subtle about this being a gift for me… I thank them both immensely for being in cahoots on this one!

Of course I sat up late tonight and watched the disc in its entirety. It is pretty sweet indeed! It is punk rock in its layout, with a one-choice menu, no little booklet, no track listing. Just shut up, sit down, and share in the footage of the mighty Sloan on tour. Cool! I can dig it! Filmed on their U.S. Action Pact tour (2004), we get to go toy shopping, golfing and, of course, on stage with the band. Odd little vignettes and cut-scenes abound, in hotel rooms and on the bus, and one just gets the sense that a lot of fun is to be had with this group of guys. Laughter. Good-natured mocking. Good grammar. Debates about Zeppelin vs Skynyrd (I’m not kidding).

One thing I couldn’t understand, though, was why there weren’t more people dancing in the crowd, or singing along. And then I remembered that this was filmed on the U.S. part of their tour. Look, I know they have their fans down there, but c’mon people! Why are you just standing there, nodding your head? Get groovin’!


If you’re a Sloan fan, this DVD will please you immensely, though you’ll wish it had been three times as long as it is. I know I did. If you’re new to Sloan, welcome! This disc will be an odd introduction, but it’ll surely serve to endear them to you anyway. If you don’t like Sloan, shame on you. I mean, really. Get with it.

Yah, I liked this. I liked it heaps. Hope you can get your copy. Rock on, Sloan!

Sloooooooooooan! Slooooooooooooooooan!

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