Sloan – A Sides Win

Everyone should own the rapture that is this CD/DVD set from Sloan. Seriously, it is that good. It’s all here, from the well-done to the artsy-fartsy to the hilariously misguided. There’s a whole career-spanning CD of all of the band’s singles, and two new songs! The DVD contains all of the videos for those singles, a video by video documentary with commentary from the band, TV and live appearances, and a whole bunch of extra stuff.

It’s probably well-known around here that I’m a bit of a Sloan fan. In fact, I probably drive people nuts talking about them. Well, believe me when I say that this set is solid gold, bar none. It’s a fan’s dream, a music geek’s slobber-inducing collection of rare stuff and inside information, and it’s a great all-in-one collection for those people not cool enough to have collected all the records by now. Being music fans themselves, the band knew exactly how to put a thing like this together. Right on.

There are too many highlights to mention them all here, but I must admit to not having seen a lot of these videos before, so it was a real pleasure to get to see them now… Wait a minute… What?!?! How can he be a Sloan fan and not see all that? Well, we don’t have a TV, so I miss out on that aspect of it. Sorry, boys. But I’m making up for lost time now, for sure! I’m even willing to overlook the inclusion of The Other Man. I know it was a single. I know other people like it. Fair enough. It just ain’t for me.

All of that said, let me close with the only statement you need to tell you whether you should strap on your Chucks and run out to buy this set:

Slooooooooooooooooooooooooan! Sloooooooooooooooooooooan!!!!

N.B. Many thanks to my sister for getting me this sweet, sweet Sloan collection for Christmas this year!! It is a truly great thing.

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