Black Flag – My War

Many, varied things have been said about Black Flag. People will talk about the line-up changes, and argue which was better. They’ll say it didn’t matter who else was in the band because it was all about Greg Ginn. Or they’ll blame Rollins for the band’s eventual demise. And on, and on, and on…

Frankly, anybody who complains about any of it is missing the point of the Flag. They were straight-on, no compromise, fully engaged. They took the hits so you wouldn’t have to, and they did it with relish. It formed them, made them what they were. And they grew, too. They learned and changed and became, something the scene around them did not do. And so they took more hits, because “fans” didn’t like new directions. And the Flag’s response? A raised middle finger. Right on.

There was mixed reaction to My War. Some complained it wasn’t identical to Damaged, and was therefore inferior. Or that the band was just repeating themselves, or had become boring, or that the longer, heavier tracks ruined it all. And on, and on, and on…

I say bollocks to all of that. This record kicks ass. It’s dark, heavy and unrelenting. It’s angry, sure of itself, and unapologetic. It challenges the listener to pay attention, to question, to not just blindly accept and expect.

There isn’t a bad record in the entire Black Flag catalogue. Each one has its own strengths. My War takes you inside yourself, makes you look in the mirror and face whatever you find, head-on. It will become Your War. And you’ll be so much the better for it.

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