Guided By Voices – The Best Of Jill Hives

You probably found your copy of this U.K. single pretty easily. Me, I had to search fairly far and wide beyond the borders of my little town before finding a beautiful copy to call my own. But such are the lengths to which I am prepared to go for GBV. Indeed.

Most often, I find singles to be disappointing things. It’s so easy for bands to use them as vehicles for their mediocre radio-friendly hit, and then just fill in the rest with a couple of toss-off demos, tinny live songs or DJ NumbNuts remixes… stuff only the geek completists will listen to, or care about. Total cash-grabs.

Fortunately for the cool kids like us, GBV is not even close to comparison with most bands and, so, there isn’t a wasted second anywhere on this disc.

The Best Of Jill Hives, in its same version here as found on the album Earthquake Glue, is a pretty little pop song with a very catchy melody, absorbing lyrics and tight, interesting musical accompaniment. In other words, it’s a GBV song. Lots to like, here!

Free Of This World is an unreleased song, unless you also own the Matador At Fifteen set, where it is also listed as unreleased… Anyway, this tune is full of cymbal washes, acoustic guitar strumming and 70’s ballad sensibilities. Cool guitar solo, too!

Downed, taken from Cheap Trick’s second album, is a straight-ahead rock cover tune. For GBV it’s an unsurprising choice, given their usual influences, but still worth it. To my ears, the vocals seem a little buried behind the music, but who cares? Any song that has a cowbell in it has to rock, right? Right!

Clocking in at 09:43, this single may be short on time but it’s definitely long on GBV Goodness.

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