Neko Case – Live In Austin, TX

I could go on and on about how much I love to listen to Neko Case sing. There’s something incredible in her delivery, in the words themselves, and most importantly in that perfect, hot liquid voice of hers. She could sing entries from the phonebook and she’d have my rapt attention throughout.

Having not yet had the opportunity to see her in concert,  this album pleases me to no end. The sound quality’s great, Case is in fine, powerful form, the band is spot on, and the song selection is perfect. Best of all (for me), this album comes from the tour for her completely amazing album Blacklisted, about which I’ve already slobbered, on this site.

Thinking I’m going a little too far in my blissful reportage? Think I’m making this up, or overstating my opinion? Go get yourself a copy of this record, play it through, and you’ll find yourself completely agreeing with me. It’s a cinch. I promise.

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