Bad Religion – Along The Way

It’s all been said a zillion times about how cool Bad Religion is, about how they’ve managed to glue together intelligent lyrics and their distinctive hardcore sound, about how a couple of them have university degrees and how they run Epitaph, blah blah blah. I’m not gonna repeat any of that here, at length. You know it all already anyway.

No, I’m just gonna say that this DVD kicks ass, and you should watch it. Why? Because of all the things you do today, watching this is likely gonna be what most makes you happy, most wakes you up, most re-boots your brain and shakes you out of your pathetic rut a little bit. And that, dear readers, is just about the highest praise, isn’t it? Hell yes.

The show itself is cool, the set-list is strong. It’s a bit disorienting to watch, because it’s footage pulled from a bunch of different shows played in Germany on the Suffer tour, so angles change and band members are constantly wearing different shirts (even within the same song), etc. It plays like an art school project from somebody lucky enough to have been to all of the shows. And that’s cool, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The sound quality here is good, and they play a bunch of songs that you really need to hear again and again in your life. The interview segments are interesting, but they don’t really add anything by being mixed into the show. I might have put them all together, as a special feature (or at the end of the VHS, since this whole thing looks to have been copied straight off a tape, warnings and all).

Look, you know who Bad Religion are, and you know that this disc will kick your ass. It may even wake you up a little bit more in your life, and if that’s the case then their job has been successful. Watch this. Now.

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