Nasty On – Lester Bangs EP

When I lived in Saskatoon, I’d constantly go to the Vinyl Diner looking for new tunes, but sometimes I wouldn’t be entirely sure of what I needed to hear. I’d wander the whole place and see a whole bunch of awesome, but I’d approach Stu (the owner – Hi Stu!) and I’d say, “Man, I need some new (to me) music. You know what I like. Whatcha got?”

On one of these occasions, Stu passed me this amazing EP from Nasty On. Admittedly I’d never heard of them when I bought it, but it hit me at just the right time and in just the right way. Stu’s music recommendations are like that. Right on.

I still can’t stop playing this EP. It’s loud, obnoxious and totally fun. It rocks. It sounds like the Stooges and AC/DC had a child in the back room of a smoky club, just before showtime. Yeah baby! There isn’t a bad song on here. Lester Bangs, for example, easily makes it onto every Rawk compilation CD I make for the car. It is so much fun, screaming along to that one. Sometimes I Take Pills is awesome too… Oh hell, I shouldn’t be picking favourites – they’re all great. If I was in a band, I would totally want it to sound like this.

Later on, I bought their full-length City Sick, and it’s beautiful too. I’ll get around to reviewing it here at some point, not to worry. But I keep coming back to this EP, probably because it was what I heard first and we all know about first impressions.

According to the CBC Radio 3 web site (I couldn’t get the band’s site to come up) these guys are working on a third disc of awesome loudness, called Squid, although there’s no news about a release date. It could be out there already and I don’t yet have it! How much would that suck? A lot! If anybody out there knows or can find out more about this, please let us know here at the KMA. All info appreciated!

The Lester Bangs EP is probably a little harder to find than your average CD, but this is not an average CD in any way. It is totally worth your time and effort in digging through the bins at your local record shop. When you find it, do not second-guess yourself. Buy it proudly and give it a good home. Play it often, and at top volume. Trust me. It’s worth every second.

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