Paul MacLeod – Tell The Band To Go Home

This CD is proof that one man and a guitar can still totally kick your ass.

We used to go see Paul MacLeod play at the Walper pub in Kitchener, back when I still lived there. The guy’s awesome. He has this clear, keening, unique voice that really doesn’t sound like it should be coming out of a guy of that stature. His guitar-playing is controlled and excellent. His original songs are fascinating and beautiful, and the Sinead O’Connor cover fits perfectly and makes the hairs on your arms stand up. You’ll be damned if you don’t find yourself re-playing all of the tracks so you can learn the words and sing along.

There’s a simplicity to these songs. No, wait, the right word is clarity.  They’re anything but simple, when you consider the emotion of delivery and poetry of the lyrics. There’s a warmth and a feeling of his being genuine here, like he’s playing these songs just for you as much as he is for anybody and everybody else. Frankly, in my opinion, this guy should be huge and famous in this country. You should already know who he is. Sure, he plays with the Skydiggers now (and he fits well there too, as we learned when we saw them in Saskatoon), and that’s awesome. His solo stuff is equally great, is all I’m saying.

As far as I know, this is his first-ever CD, recorded live at the Sidetrack Café in Edmonton on January 6, 1998. The sound quality is excellent and sure, it’s a short EP, but the quality of the songs makes it seem to play like any great full length.

We picked up our copy of this CD from the man himself, at a gig at the Walper. Not sure where you can get a copy now… Maple doesn’t seem to have any more, and Amazon doesn’t even list it (those dummies!). Hell, he may still be playing gigs here and there, and might have a few left. Go see him play, and ask him!

You won’t regret the time it takes to find a copy of this disc. It’ll get into your blood and you’ll find yourself playing it again and again. And again.

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