Immaculate Machine – The View & Transporter

Oh happy day!! Today’s mail delivery brought me two awesome Immaculate Machine CDs! Try to picture my happy dance, right there by the mailbox… Yeah. Well, OK, so the dance wasn’t pretty but it was definitely happy. Snoopy ain’t got nothing on me…

I recently got hooked on the Immaculate Machine through Mint Records, with both the Ones And Zeros record and their tracks on the sampler that Mint recently sent to little ol’ me (because Mint rocks too). In short, I really think this band has the legs to run for a long, long time. I can’t stop listening to them.

The best word to describe their sound is, to me, infectious. They write these awesome pop songs, with melodies that linger and hover and swirl. They swing, they rock and if you listen to the words, they have something to say. But if you’re too busy dancing around the room for that, hey that’s OK too. Turn it up! There’s an 80’s sensibility here, but it’s filtered through modern approaches, which yields a blend that makes you want to listen again and again. Their mix of vocals and harmonies works perfectly, the instrumentations are complex and challenging without being alienating, and it really helps that they can all sing well, too.  I like that they share vocal duties, like Sloan does. And we all know how much I like Sloan. Yummy!

I thought a bit about writing my opinions of the songs, as other reviewers would, like how Traffic absolutely jams in all the right ways, and how Midnight is hauntingly beautiful, and so on. But I realized I’d just be repeating myself over and over. The whole shooting match is cool, to put it succinctly, and that’s what you need to know.

Think I’m overstating? If so, you probably haven’t heard their music yet. You oughta – it’s the music you’ve been wishing would break through the mainstream malaise out there. Really, there must be something in the water out West. So many great bands making interesting,  fun and wonderful music, and the Immaculate Machine is definitely a part of that wave. Rock on, kids.


So, based on my justifiably drool-filled review, you’re all going to go to looking for these CDs, but you ain’t gonna find them there. Oh, they’ve got Ones And Zeros, and you should order it Right Now. But that’s all they’ve got, for now – they really should have ‘em all including the new EP, Les Un Mais Pas Les Autres, which is currently unavailable on Maple. Dig around, you should find one in your finer record shops. James found my copy for me, and it’s in the mail to me as I type this. He did this because he’s a good guy, and he knows that where I live has no finer record shops, which is hell for me indeed.

Anyway, if my review made you all hot and bothered to hear some more Immaculate Machine, you can order The View and Transporter (just like I did) from Bullfrog Music at The folks there are exceedingly friendly and helpful, and by damn they’re fast and efficient too. As you’ll no doubt recall, I recently raved about Redcat Records and how they got me my Tolan McNeil CD by snail mail very quickly, and Bullfrog did it too – from order date to delivery today took 5 days, and that included a weekend. Right on.

I think in part this has to do with these folks being happy to sell stuff on behalf of the bands and to get it out to the people who cared enough to order it, but it may also be the Indie kids proving that doing it yourself has its advantages. The bigger chains have more moving parts, and more between you and the artists. Call it a Profit Barrier. Well, I think the Profit Barrier sucks. Oh, sometimes it’s necessary but as my recent experiences have proven, there are definitely better ways.

There was a nice letter in the envelope with these CDs, thanking me for my order and saying that “a major portion of the purchase price goes directly to the artist.” I can dig it. Too bloody right I support independent music. Especially when it totally kicks ass like Immaculate Machine does.

And in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not actually associated with the band, or any of their labels or their families or friends or anything else, you cynical bastard. I’m just a hack reviewer doing this in his spare time and yes, I really do like these CDs that much. So there.

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