Nasty On – City Sick

A while back I raved about the Nasty On’s Lester Bangs EP, and somewhere in there I promised I’d also write about their first full length, City Sick, so here ya go.

Picking up right where Lester Bangs left off, this record is still balls-to-the-wall, straight ahead awesome rock and roll. It’d sound great in a bar, or on rock radio, or in your car as you barrel down some highway somewhere. Song-wise it kinda sounds to me like the Headstones, or the Trews, or any of a bunch of other great Canadian rock bands. There’s even a bit of a Hives-like sound too (and yes I’m aware that the Hives aren’t Canadian, I was just taking the thought global, apparently). That said, there’s an individuality to their sound, too, and it mostly comes from the awesome rawk-snarl of lead singer Jason Grimmer. It perfectly melds itself to the ripping guitars and with the bottom end of bass and drums pounding along, it’s an intoxicating mix indeed.

These guys should have been a lot bigger than they were/are. Everyone should have been buying their records and annoying their parents with them at top volume. This band should have been playing shows at every venue that had an opening from coast to coast, touring constantly. It’s still a mystery to me why, in this country, there are so many great bands that make interesting, exciting records like this one but continue to skim below the radar of popularity. I don’t know how it works, is there some sort of unspoken annual quota for this kind of music? That’d be retarded.

Well, you heard it here from the KMA, and so you know it to be gospel. This album rocks and you should own it if you don’t already. Can I get a Hallelujah, for we have heard The Word? C’mon everybody, join in and sing along. And keep your ears to the ground about a potential new record from these guys. When you have news, please write us here at the KMA and let us know about it. We want it when it comes out. We want it badly. Oh baby.

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