Immaculate Machine – Les Uns Mais Pas Les Autres

I tried to find this magnificent Mint Records release in my town, to no avail. You see, the used record shop downtown is hopelessly stuck in 1972, and the Music World at the mall doesn’t even list Immaculate Machine as a band they carry! Ugh!

So, I did some digging around online and had no luck there, either. The IM web site links to Maple, who was sold out of ‘em. Amazon hasn’t got it, but we all know that I’ve already commented in these pages about those people.

Of course, this EP is a Limited Edition thing,  so none of this difficulty surprised me too much. Undaunted, I emailed my good buddy James, who easily found a copy for me in Saskatoon, dropped it into the snail mail and it arrived here not long after. Joy and Bliss! Thanks heaps, James!!

Boy, do I love this record. These are all songs you’ve heard before, because by now you have all religiously played the Ones And Zeros album a million times, right? Right! But you’ve never heard them like this, because they are en français! Translated and re-recorded by the band themselves, these songs point up just how awesome this band is, and (if I may say so), fully justifies my addiction to their music yet again. There is so much going on in these songs, lyrically and musically. It makes you want to bounce around the living room with the volume cranked to 11. It’s totally what I did.

In a sometimes fractious bilingual country, it’s pleasing that a band would go out of their way to do something like this. I think it’s thoughtful. The fact that they are based out West, in Victoria, makes this a musical olive branch from B.C. to Québec, too. As an anglophone, I don’t speak French well enough to know whether their translations are accurate or not, despite my having lived in Montréal for two years (6 years ago). But it sounds so good that it hardly matters. Pop it into your CD player and you’ll know instantly what I mean!

Honestly, people. You need to get into this band, so hop to it! You can thank me later, and then together we can all anxiously await the anticipated June release of their newest record.


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