Rollins Band – The End Of Something

You know that I’m a big fan of Henry Rollins’ work, and I’m also a collector of all the oddities and rare things I can find with his name on them. Very rarely am I disappointed when such things appear, such is the quality of his output.

So, I recently found this single and I felt that old familiar Collector Geek thrill. This UK single centers around a track from the original Rollins Band line-up’s last album, 1997’s Come In And Burn. And here I should note that it was their last album to date – who knows if they’ll reunite, after all they did tour together again recently with X. Anyway, this single offers the title track, the title track re-mixed, and a song called Threshold which had previously been unreleased in the UK (and in North America, for all I know. Maybe the Japanese version of the album had it) in 1997.

I got Threshold on the 2002 re-release 2-CD set of the Come In And Burn Sessions. But it’s all good, I don’t mind. These are great tracks, and they go well together. They are both slinky, heavy Rollins songs full of the usual lyrics and themes. Perfect! The re-mix of End Of Something isn’t much of a re-mix, more like an after thought, like they recorded two versions that were close to each other, chose one for the album but liked both so much they released the other version here, to cover the bases and let the fans decide.

It takes a certain set of ears and some determination to immerse yourself into this man’s music. On the surface you might arguably says he’s just angry and ranting and that’s about it. But if you take the time and listen more closely, you’ll realize that this music is coming from somewhere deep, fully informed by all of the music that has gone before it and nodding to those influences as it barrels on past. There’s a respect here, and a full-on effort to give the very best that screams from every note of the excellent musicianship and every pore of Rollins too. This band was tight, and they hit hard and deep every time. Just like Black Flag before them, they were proof that hard work definitely pays off. I feel the same way about the work he did with Mother Superior too. Bloody brilliant.

OK, so maybe I’m a little too close to this stuff. This wasn’t their most popular album, and this wouldn’t even have been the first single from it, but to me that doesn’t negate the awesomeness of this find in any way. I liked it, and I’ll play it again soon.

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