Robert Pollard – Silverfish Trivia

I’ve just received my copy of Robert Pollard’s newest EP, Silverfish Trivia, and I have the mighty Stu at the Vinyl Diner in Saskatoon to thank for it. Stu always comes through for me via snail mail, because the record shops in my town blow chunks.

You know, I’ve heard A LOT of Robert Pollard in my time, and none of it has ever been bad. That seems such a grand, sweeping statement, but it’s the truth as I know it. And this CD is certainly no exception to that rule. It is much slower, gentler than his last couple of efforts. More introspective-sounding, and I love it. Of course I do. I’m a fan!

Book-ended by short and sweet instrumentals, with another thrown into the middle for good measure, the songs here are the sounds (to me) of a man at peace, groping his way through some new dawn light into an easy understanding. Other review sites have been vaunting Circle Saw Boys Club as the song to think of as the single, and it is a great tune I will play often and could see putting into mixes of Pollard’s stuff (which I am fond of making for my car). But for my money, the ambitious and many-layered Cats Love A Parade is the one that stands out most. I don’t usually pick tracks like this, as I tend to believe it’s better if you’d just listen to it yourself and then make up your own damn mind. But this time I just had to do it. Brilliant yet again. The man never fails.

Another worthwhile thing about this short little window into Pollard’s World is that each song stands alone with strength and verve, but if you step back and take it in as a whole, it works that way too. Maybe even better that way. Yummy!

This EP marks the ending of the venerable Fading Captain series, and the birth of a new series called Prom Is Coming. I’ll admit that I was a little worried when it was announced that FC was, well, fading, but I should have known better by now that this man cannot sit still, cannot stop producing music and that there would have to be something else soon. This is it, and it’s a lovely thing indeed.

As I say with everything Pollard-related, go get your own copy. It’ll be the best thing you do all week!

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