Immaculate Machine – Fables

This is a huge THANK YOU to the wonderful and generous folks at the indomitable Mint Records!! As I noted earlier on these pages, Mint sent us this fantastic new Immaculate Machine record by snail mail, and it totally made our month here at the KMA!

My wife & I spent last weekend in Toronto, and I’d been wondering what to listen to in the car on the two and half hour drive to that concrete jungle. When Fables arrived in the mail, the problem was solved! This album was perfect road-trip music. It engages the brain without fail, and makes you inordinately happy while it does. Put it on repeat, random, it all works perfectly!

One of the strengths of this band’s records is that if you stand back and take the album as a whole, it speaks as a cohesive work, an overall statement beautifully and sweetly made. Dismantled into its individual tracks, every song is a hit, and a fully realized, well-contructed vision too. There are so many great moments that you’ll want repeated listens to sip them all into your thirsty brain. The instrumentation, the hooks, the lyrics, the wonderful vocal harmonies. It’s all here.

As if you needed any more prodding, there are also some famous guests who show up to lend a hand here. Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand sings back-up on Jarhand with The Cribs, and Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy (et al.) plays strings on Roman Statues and Small Talk. Cool!

Fables is, simply put, an incredible record. From the opening peppiness of Jarhand to the generous, meditative grandeur of Blinding Light, the listener is led jauntily by the hand through the most masterfully crafted and addictive pop music a soul could ever hope to hear.

Perfection has a name and it is Immaculate Machine. Fables is, may I say it, an immaculate addition to their growing catalogue of gems.

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