Clouds Forming Crowns – Race To The Blackout

On our recent foray into Toronto, I found this record and, after snapping it up in my greedy little hand, I did a little happy dance right there in the shop. I didn’t care that the staff looked at me funny, nor how I must have looked to the other patrons because, you see, every time I find a (somehow-related-to)-Guided By Voices release that I don’t have, I am elated beyond words. I believe I’ve mentioned in these pages before (once or twice, maybe – haha) about how much I like everything anybody associated with that band and its players ever does. 

So yah, the connection this time is that Todd and Tim Tobias have done some playing and production on solo and side-project recordings  (one name you might recognize is Circus Devils) with the venerable Robert Pollard. I’d known about this release thanks to the exhaustive work of the folks at but it’s always been fairly difficult to find – like much of the side projects and related offshoot records. C’mon people, that’s gotta change! Let’s get this stuff out there already!

Ahem. I may be a little biased. Anyway.

Simply put, this record rocks. It’s all here – the fuzzed-out, heavy, riff-filled and highly energetic rawk, the somewhat quieter, thoughtful little ditties… everything! The sound is tight and huge, the lyrics are interesting, and the music is perfectly together. I thoroughly enjoyed this record, and I can see playing it often (at high volume) without ever getting tired of it. It totally brings to mind the work Mitch Mitchell does with the Terrifying Experience. It’s just great rawk!

These songs should be heard by a lot of people, but sadly they probably won’t be. Nuts to the fickle people who only buy things that have been hyped by the Man. You’re missing out on a really really great record, with this one, if you skipped past it or don’t even know or care what it is. Nuts to those people, I say. Nuts!

And now begins the (likely long) search for their second, self-titled release. Good thing I love a challenge.

Track Listing:
01 Phantom Dog Black Water
02 Animal Drunk
03 Ghost Looms
04 Waiting For A Drain
05 Floating
06 Matter Of Choice
07 Have A Dream
08 Satellite Ingestion
09 Electric Fools
10 Seat Of New Elation
11 Race To The Blackout
12 Sea-Witch #19 (North Station)

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