Pogues – Poguetry In Motion

My lovely wife simply adores the Pogues. She even got to see them live, one time, in London. It was through her love of their music that I got into it, and I’m quite a fan now, too.

They really are one helluva lot of fun to listen to. Their music makes you want to dance, jump up and down, break stuff, drink, occasionally slow dance/stagger as the night wears on, yell ‘til you’re hoarse, and slap your buddies on the back as you laugh your asses off in the pub. And that’s just a typical night out, judging by this band’s tunes.

But there’s much more too. Shane MacGowan, unabashed drunkard though he may be, is also an incredibly talented poet. The Pogues, as musicians, are completely mind-boggling. Tight, intricate, playful, everything. Hell, if you’re a fan reading this, you know exactly what I’m on about. They really are something to behold.

Anyway, this 4-song EP was found on our recent trip to Toronto, and of course it had to be rescued and given a good home with us. Produced by Elvis Costello and released in 1986, Wikipedia tells me that none of these songs appeared on full-length Pogues albums at the time, but all of them have since appeared on the re-issue of Rum, Sodomy & The Lash.

A brilliant good time, lad.

Track Listing:
01 London Girl
02 Rainy Night In Soho
03 The Body Of An American
04 Planxty Noel Hill

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