Circus Devils – Sgt. Disco

32 tracks!! Awesome!

Imagine my glee when my buddy Stu (Hi Stu!) from the Vinyl Diner in Saskatoon (you should all be shopping there constantly) sent me this next wonderful missive from Mr. Robert Pollard’s unending creativity barrage, the new Circus Devils album called Sgt. Disco.

Maybe you don’t care, but I do and this album is friggin’ awesome. In Madonna’s Gazebo? What a great song title (and a cool song). And it only gets better from there. Every song here is a gem. Seriously. This record is poetic. It rocks. It clinks and clunks. It jams. It is weird (and oh boy, it gets weird – War Horsies’ “hamburger hills and hot dog trees” will make you wonder…). But all of that aside, it’s wonderful. It’s full of ideas and different vocal and musical approaches. It’s well-produced and sounds great. In other words, it’s another Robert Pollard release. I love it.

I’m starting to wonder if Robert Pollard isn’t a bit like Stephen King. You know, prolific to the point of being kind of unbelievable. Not that we really disbelieve, but how can one human being tap into so much stuff? Cranking out so many ideas, all of which are great (or – some of which is – at least passable in their catalogue). They must work all the time. They must never sleep. My sister and I had a theory that Stephen King must have grad students, whom he pays to be quiet about it all, who have learned to write in his style and who take an idea he gives them and flesh out most of his novels. I don’t think this is the case with Mr. King, really, it just seems a more plausible explanation for his non-stop output.

Same goes for Mr. Pollard. I think he must have music in his veins and it’s just reached a point where everything he does is a neat idea and worth recording. It’s been that way for yonks. Hence so many albums every year. Hence so much great music being offered to superfans like me. Hence my fervent searching for everything and anything (with his name on it) that I can get my hands on. He inspires that kind of loyalty simply by virtue of his brilliant output, by just being who he is.

Only fans collect this stuff, probably, and that’s a damn shame. Y’all should hear it. You’d learn so much, about music and about yourself and about your limited tastes.

Sgt. Disco will kick your ass.*

Track Listing:
01 Zig Zag
02 In Madonna’s Gazebo
03 George Took A Shovel
04 Pattern Girl
05 Nicky Highpockets
06 Love Hate Relationship With The Human Race
07 Brick Soul Mascots (Part 1)
08 Break My Leg
09 Outlasting Girafalo
10 The Assassin’s Ballroom (Get Your Ass In)
11 The Winner’s Circle
12 The Constable’s Headscapes
13 In Your Office
14 New Boy
15 Puke It Up
16 Swing Shift
17 Happy Zones
18 The Pit Fighter
19 Bogus Reactions
20 Hot Lettuce
21 Safer Than Hooking
22 Dead Duck Dinosaur
23 Do This
24 Brick Soul Mascots (Part 2)
25 Caravan
26 Lance The Boiling Son
27 War Horsie
28 French Horn Litigation
29 The Baby Never Smiled
30 Man Of Spare Parts
31 Rose In Paradise
32 Summer Is Set

* There’s a funny sticker on the packaging that says “FILE UNDER CIRCUS DEVILS! If we find this in the Guided By Voices section, we’re going to kick your ass! Sgt. Disco.” Haha. But I also meant it that the album itself is great and will ‘kick your ass’ with its awesomeness. But you knew that. Right? Right. Only the best for you, Dear Readers, from your loving content providers, here at the KMA!

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