Immaculate Machine Kicks Ass Again!!

With every move they make, the Immaculate Machine prove without fail that they are brilliant and awesome and creative.

Straight from The Mint Records web site, you gotta check this out, KMA readers!!

“Immaculate Machine do not speak Mandarin, but they certainly can sing it. After being teased about their French EP by CBC Radio 3 personality Grant Lawrence, the band went back to the studio with their friend Marie… who translated “Dear Confessor” into Mandarin and taught it to them phonetically. Brooke, Kathryn and Luke then went to the CBC Studios and personally presented the song to Grant. According to Brooke, they don’t know precisely what they’re saying but those fluent in Mandarin have told them it is quite well done.”

Haha! This band rocks my world. Right on!

Click on the following link to go and download the song, so you can hear it for yourself! Tell your friends!!

Yeah baby!!!

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