Today, The Who Kicked My Ass

Many things in life make me happy, and having the songs of a band I love and admire stuck in my head is one of those very things indeed. 

So there I was, bopping around the house all morning, no stereo playing at all, singing along to every Who song I could think of (and there were many), pinwheeling my arm just like Pete Townshend in all the appropriate spots (and there were many). I surely must’ve looked a little silly doing all of this.

Like I care.

What’s somewhat remarkable to me was just how clear these songs were in my head. The songs just sprang into my head, fully formed. Neat!

Later in the day, upon returning from attending my Grandma’s birthday party (Happy Birthday, Grandma!), I immediately started digging through my record collection and was completely unsurprised to find a couple of Greatest Hits Of The Who compilations, among several of their individual albums as well. I am, after all, a fan.

But after some further digging (and playing the actual tracks in the stereo this time, not just in my head), I realized that these collections weren’t quite right for me. What I mean is that they simply didn’t match the song list I’d had in my head all day, not that they were lacking or incomplete in any way.

Well then, what’s a Who fan who’s been grooving to the band’s songs to do, in that situation? Why, he should make his own mix! After all, I do have access to the technology to do so!

So that’s what I did.

It was a totally fun project. You’ll likely notice I left off a whole bunch of songs, trying for only the songs that I’d been hearing earlier in the day. Oh, and I left Behind Blue Eyes off there too, because I quite frankly don’t like that song. I don’t care if it’s the original version, or that Limp Bizkit guy doing it or whatever. That song is The Who’s equivalent of Sloan’s The Other Man or The Clash’s Lost In The Supermarket to me. Love the band, just don’t like that particular song by them. Fair enough. Chacun à son goût, non?

The Who has fans everywhere. Just ask Robert Pollard, Eddie Vedder and countless other performers who, in some small way, have melded the band’s sound into their own art in wonderful ways. Turn on Classic Rock radio at any time of the day and guess what you’ve a good chance of hearing? And let’s not neglect the massive legion of fans out there everywhere… and so on, and so forth.

The whole point of this story is that that I had a blast making this mix, and it’s totally awesome (if I do say so myself). I’m gonna put it in the car tomorrow, ‘cos it’ll make completely great highway music! Hooray!

I strongly recommend you make a similar disc for yourselves. You can thank me later.

Track Listing:
01 I Can’t Explain
02 Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
03 My Generation
04 The Kids Are Alright
05 A Legal Matter
06 Substitute
07 I Can See For Miles
08 Magic Bus
09 Pinball Wizard
10 The Seeker
11 Baba O’Riley
12 Won’t Get Fooled Again
13 Join Together
14 Long Live Rock
15 5:15
16 Love Reign O’er Me
17 Squeeze Box
18 Who Are You
19 You Better You Bet

Yeah, baby!

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