My Sweet Patootie

Get ready to strap on your snowshoes and trudge your way down to the Knox Acoustic Café on Saturday, February 9, 2008 for the newly-announced extra show! 

You see, the winter was putting a damper in the plans for the Café, because around here the amount of snow, coupled with the completely unpredictable (and usually nasty) weather blowing in off the lake makes it unfair to traveling artists to try to get here for a gig. Accordingly, there was a big gaping hole in the monthly schedule, from December to March, with no gigs until April.

But lo and behold! The super-duper folks that run this show have managed to book My Sweet Patootie for an extra-special night of music on February 9, and you should all bundle up, dig out your car and get out to this gig. It’s gonna be great!

Sandra Swannell and Terry Young of Tanglefoot have this side project going, and if members of that band want to make even more music on the side, we’re all the richer for it and it’s great cause for excitement. Know that it’ll be guitar and fiddle, with great vocals, and a whole lot of humour mixed in. Count on beautifully written and well-played songs. Expect lots of moments that are unique to this setting and crowd.

Or, in other words, it’ll be yet another great night at Knox.

So here’s your excuse to get out of the house, your chance to shake off the delerious cabin-fever of winter, and your chance to hear some awesome tunes in an intimate setting.

Mark your calendars!

And check out the link for the Knox Acoustic Café, conveniently located on the left hand side of this page, under Links, for more information. Yes!

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