almost delirious with relief

I made one of my rare forays into the wilds of our pathetic local mall recently (and almost got storm-stayed there, which brings to mind all kinds of horrid Alive scenarios, but that’s another story). While briskly going about my minimal business so that I could get the hell out again, I noticed something that made my heart leap. You know all those stories about unexpected awesomeness in unexpected places? Well, this is one of them.

And what did I see? Well, as I passed the darkened abyss that used to be the Music World, the only new-release record shop in this pothole town, which now gapes grotesquely like a missing tooth in a deplorable mouth since closing after Christmas, I saw a sign that caused me great joy indeed. It read:

HMV Opening Summer 2008.

Sure, it’ll probably be staffed with yet another phalanx of nits who wouldn’t know Robert Pollard if he walked up and bit them on the ass, but it’ll sure as hell be a zillion times better than the nothing we’ve had here, lo these past few months.

I believe I’ve told you before that I tend to take these things fairly seriously. How many record stores there are in a town is considered, by me, a make-or-break criteria as to whether I could live there or not. And with this recent development, this little hamlet just bumped up a notch from the several it had fallen on the ladder of my estimation after we were left with only the dingy used shop downtown (and our internet connections) to fulfill our media needs.

Think of me what you will, but I do believe I’ll sleep better knowing things will eventually even out to being survivable again.

Hm. Maybe I should apply for a job there, when it opens. Imagine being surrounded by music all day! I’ll bet that I could sell circles around the staff they’re likely to (unfortunately) hire…

Anyway, what a relief.

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