Robert Pollard – Superman Was A Rocker

Robert Pollard has released two new discs of beautiful tastiness in the last little while, this one being under his own name, and #15 under his new record label (in the aftermath of Fading Captain), Happy Jack Rock Records.

If I understand this collection correctly, it seems that Pollard dug into his apparently endless pile of cardboard boxes in his basement and pulled out all of these sounds and songs from tapes recorded over the years 1980-2007. That’s a pretty big span of time and encompasses a lot of players, many of whom are the usual suspects: his brother Jim, Mitch Mitchell (now of the amazing Terrifying Experience), Kevin March, John Dodson, Doug Gillard, Nate Farley, Tim Tobias and Tobin Sprout. Of course, knowing what we know now, this is a pretty incredible list of players.

As with any Pollard release, the immediate task is to remove all expectations before listening. That way, whatever you hear is fresh and interesting. And this disc is chock full of tasty treats for your listening pleasure. The sound quality varies from pretty good to questionable at best, in places, and it might sound to some that this is just a bunch of demo recordings that should probably never have seen the light of day. I disagree. Who wouldn’t want to hear everything from those boxes in the basement? They are all pieces in the gigantic no-borders puzzle that is this man’s musical output. Bring it on!

Besides, the unfinished, rough sketch-like quality of these recordings is the key to their charm. We are so disgustingly conditioned (by major label releases and corporate radio) to expect perfection and predictable song structure. We’ve been taught to enjoy being pandered to, and I believe that these records are the antidote. I hope Pollard and crew continue to release as many records as they can, for as long as they can. They are a durable shelter in the face of the relentless shitstorm gale that is the mainstream. We’d be lost without him.

Track Listing:
01 Another Man’s Blood
02 Go Down First
03 Back To The Farm
04 Substitute Heaven
05 Prince Alphabet
06 You Drove The Snake Crazy
07 Surveillance
08 Fascination Attempt
09 Love Your Spaceman
10 Jumping
11 St. Leroy
12 Peacock
13 More Hot Dogs Please

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