Walk Hard

We watched this movie last night and laughed our asses off. Oh sure, a majority of the jokes were fairly juvenile (and/or already given away in the various trailers) but nevertheless, the sheer volume of funny moments in this film ensure that it’s definitely a worthwhile choice when you’re wondering what to rent tonight.

I think part of this film’s charm stems from the fact that both Walk The Line and Ray really took themselves so bloody seriously and, in spoofing those films (among others), Walk Hard only points out just how much so. It’s encouraging to know that there are people who see things differently and are willing to show us the depths of the serious absurdity of such biopics in a good-natured way.

John C. Reilly has always been one of those actors who seems to appear in just about every film but, for some reason, I’ve never connected his name to his face (I did the same thing to Phillip Seymour Hoffman for years, until Capote). That’s hardly fair to the guy because I know he’s been acting for years and doing a damn fine job all along. This film will change all of that. Reilly plays this role to the hilt and does a fantastic job. His wide-eyed and somewhat bumbling Cox is a wonderful character amalgamation, perfectly rendered.

One side-highlight, too, was Jack White impersonating Elvis. Haha. And there’s a ton of other appearances, too. Imagine Ghostface Killah, Jackson Browne, Lyle Lovett and Jewel on-stage together. I know! The uncredited actors appearing as the Beatles are fun too. And the ubiquitous Eddie Vedder appears, of course (we love you, Eddie!). Find more examples here:

Think of Hot Shots. Naked Gun. Scary Movie, and you’re on the right track. And if you liked Superbad and 40 Year-Old Virgin, this was made by the same people. Now walk hard (ahem) to your local video shoppe and grab a copy of this film. We all need this level of humour in our lives every once in a while, and Walk Hard is one of the better examples of this type of film to be released in years.

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