Eric Crapton

Yes, you read that correctly.

We were at the beach on the weekend and, as is our wont, we popped in to check out the local used book store after walking on the shore (it was lovely, by the way, thanks for asking). Anyway, I found a bin of old cassettes and, whilst pawing through them looking for cool stuff for my car’s top-of-the-line tape deck (rock! nostalgic! sweet!), I found a copy of Eric Clapton’s brilliant blues revival record, From The Cradle. There’s all kinds of songs on here that make me inordinately happy, and it’s one of the only Later Years Clapton records I enjoy from start to finish.

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t exactly to review the record, per se, but to share the beauty of this cassette copy with you. You see, this is not what one would expect to find in a used book shop in small town Ontario. Nope, this is a Warner Music Korea release, complete with Korean ideograms in the liner notes, and other cool markings on the packaging that we’re not used to seeing here in North America.

Now, that in itself is pretty awesome. It makes me wonder how it got here. I mean, I know this is a global community now, and anyone from anywhere (as long as we remember to narrow down that pool of people to Clapton fans) could have traveled to Korea and brought it back, or had it shipped to them, or purchased it in a larger center like Toronto… But still, for that little area it’s pretty unique, indeed.

But maybe the best part about it is the cassette label, particularly on Side B. Now, Side A is perfectly normal. But have a look at the pic, below, and check out Side B. You’ll see why I already love this cassette completely.

Bahahaha! This made my week!

(Thanks, James, for making the picture work!)

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