The Agenda! – Start The Panic

Herein lies a quest story, one of long searching, hoping and discovery. And then, finally, a damn good time. We hope you enjoy our little tale!

We don’t believe in the future!

I can’t remember which magazine it was that lead me to even want to find this CD in the first place, but it was indeed a fairly glowing review which compared the Agenda to the Hives that made me sit up and pay attention. I sure do like that kind of music. Especially at high volume. The quest was on.

We live for the moment!

I’d almost given up on ever finding this CD. Seriously, I’d searched for it for several years, to no avail. Record shop workers would just shake their heads. Few barely managed to evince interest, the bastards. Granted, I only ever checked in used shops for it. It’s part of the fun. Sure I could probably have ordered it online, but that’s the lazy way.

Dance to the sound of right now!

And then, one day, I was in one the best record stores in Toronto and there it was, just sitting there as if it had always been waiting for me. With shaking hand I grabbed it immediately, brought it home and plugged it in.

No art was used in the making of this album!

Recorded in 2002, it sounds exactly like what I imagined. The Hives in 2002, although slightly rougher. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I like the Hives. But there already is a the Hives. Now, the Agenda are their own band, too, I have to admit, in little ways. But it’s that sound. You know the one I mean. The screaming garage band testerone music that is punk, rock, blues and more punk all wrapped up together in a carpet and thrown down a hill. It’s a combination of the Troggs, the Kinks, the Who, the MC5, the Stooges, Delta 72 and a million more increasingly recent bands all updated, morphed and adapted over the years to sound like, well, the Hives. Oh, I know it all comes from somewhere, no one is original. I’m looking at you, too, Jet. And you, the Vines. And you, the Hot Hot Heat. And so on, and so forth, with all of your little friends too. So be it.

This is manipulation at its finest!

This is still a very fun record to listen to at very high volume. And I’m not really trying to shoot them down at all, although it probably sounds like it, judging by the end of that last paragraph. No, if this short little CD is in the player and the volume is at 11, a party is gonna happen. Even if you’re by yourself. You will still bounce off the walls and break shit and hoot and holler and have a great time. I swear.

It is style not substance you crave!

Christ, looking at this track listing, I haven’t seen that many exclamation points since Shania Twain went bonkers for that particular punctuation point. And that is not a good thing. It’s like they’re trying too hard to get their point across, and it kinda loses its emphasis after a while, don’t you think? I sure do!

Track Listing!
01 Crash! Crash!
02 I Want The Panic!
03 Out With The Old! In With The New!
04 Last Chance For Action!
05 Hit The Wall!
06 Hard Friends!
07 50,000 Watts Of Love!
08 Shake! Shake! Scream!
09 No More Dancing!
10 Hot Pants!
11 Burn It Again!

PS. The paragraph headings in bold are stolen right from the CD packaging! I know!

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