Robert Pollard – Weatherman And Skin Goddess

Any new Robert Pollard release is a good release. 

The single for the forthcoming early-June release of the Robert Pollard’s Off To Business record (on the newly-formed Guided By Voices Records, natch), Weatherman And Skin Goddess is a tasty little three-track single containing one track from said record, and two non-album tracks too.

Not that I’m keeping track of such things, but the title track Weatherman And Skin Goddess is probably the longest Bob track in a while, at 5:21. From a man who usually revels in half minute snapshots of genius, this is a veritable feast of hooks and awesome one-liners all wrapped up into one song! This is a songwriting master course, so turn it up and listen to the way the components work seamlessly together. You’ve just been taken to school.

While listening to the first non-album release, Kiss The Quiet Man, I had very clear mental images of Mr. Pollard jumping up and down on-stage, slightly wobbly with beer, clapping his hands and kicking his leg high every now and then… and so I know that this pop masterpiece of a song is definitely a worthy addition to the discography.

Bringing up the end of this far-too-short disc is Coat Factory Zero, a clunky chunky rocker that sounds like its searching for something in every verse, and then finding it at every musical resolution. It swirls and dangles, it pulls you in and lifts you up, exultant. Yeah, it’s fantastic.

Get ready for the full record release, kids. It’s gonna kick yer ass.

Track Listing:
01 Weatherman And Skin Goddess
02 Kiss The Quiet Man
03 Coat Factory Zero

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