Trews – House Of Ill Fame

It’s about bloody time I wrote about this band.

For the short time that they’ve been in most people’s line of sight, the Trews have surely done one hell of a lot of work to get where they are, releasing three albums in five years and touring everywhere (they even played my pot hole town, so they don’t seem to picky. A gig’s a gig). Seems winning a radio contest was just the boost they needed to get their talent over the top and into your brain. Hell, I remember they even opened for the Stones. Imagine! Not bad for a bunch of young guys from Antigonish. Not that it matters where they’re from, ya know. Their records rock.

You may not have noticed, but I seem to have a thing for first records. I’m convinced that a first record is the nearest example to how a band wanted to sound when they first started dreaming. Before the record companies tell them too much about how they should sound so they can sell more records, before public opinion shifts their perspective, before fame bloats their egos, even before substances mess them up beyond saving (if that happens). A first full record should be the band in their purest form. How many times have you loved a band’s first record to pieces, only to have their sophomore effort bore you by being a re-tread of the first record, or worse, a negative new direction that kills the vibe? Exactly. Countless times. Well, this opening salvo from the Trews will rock you completely. And it should be noted that what I’ve heard of their next efforts are catchy as hell too, so they seem to have bypassed the bullshit. Way to go!

This first effort, House Of Ill Fame, sets their template for rock radio beauty (and eventual immortality, surely), with song after song of great riffs and blistering solos. Just try to stop your toe from tapping, let alone cranking the bloody thing and tearing up the living room as you ricochet about. These tunes, if played loud enough, will shake the walls, piss off the neighbours and scare your cats. Yes! The Trews have a real knack for writing songs that swing, rock and sear like a branding iron on your brain. They can write hooks like nobody’s business. Each one is radio-ready and built to last.

Hell yeah, I like this record. A lot.

Track Listing:
01 Every Inambition
02 Not Ready To Go
03 Confessions
04 When You Leave
05 Tired Of Waiting
06 Hopeless
07 Fleeting Trust
08 Why Bother
09 Black Halo
10 You’re So Sober
11 Hollis And Morris
12 Stray

PS I understand there’s a 2-CD version of this release, with extra songs. Maybe some day I’ll find it somewhere. For now, this one disc is incendiary enough.

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