Probot – Probot

Dave Grohl is an inveterate metal-head from way back. Oh sure, you might know him from a couple of other bands you may once have heard of (Nirvana? Foo Fighters? Yah, probably…) but metal and hardcore are a love he’s nurtured for years too, and this record is his chance to show his roots, to really let his freak flag fly.

So here is Probot which, according to the liner notes, took 4 years (way too long!) to finalize, but what a labour of love it is! This disc completely rocks! It is recorded SO LOUD! I love it. The punishing riffs and unrelenting heaviness here, along with all those GREAT vocals, make it a favourite of mine for those days when all I want is a disc which has an energy and crunch that makes me bounce around the living room like a lunatic, terrorizing the cats.

Each song (and probably part of the reason the project took so long to reach fruition) features a legend of the genre, and oh my goodness what a list it is! You’d have to be a metal-head yourself to recognize some of these names maybe, but trust me, they’ve been selected with judiciousness and enthusiasm. It’s obvious that the record-collector geek in Grohl has fully surfaced here, that he’s completely thrilled (and in great awe, too) to be recording with the very artists who formed his musical life.

At the end of the liner notes, Grohl says that now that he’s done this project he can die a happy man, that he’s fulfilled huge dreams he’s held dear for years. I believe him. The proof is right here. Each song is delivered with full-on force, and there’s not a track here that even approaches less than completely excellent. Even, admittedly, the (improbable but true) bonus track buried at the end of the King Diamond track. I mean Jack Black? One of these things is definitely not like the other. Still, it’s a heavy, cool track, so whatever.

This record should have been huge. It still could be. Go get it for yourself and see what I mean. Grohl really hit the bulls-eye with this one. Kudos (and devil horns) to everyone involved in this project.

Track Listing:
01 Centuries Of Sin (w. Cronos of Venom)
02 Red War (w. Max Cavalera of Sepultura)
03 Shake Your Blood (w. Lemmy of Motorhead)
04 Access Babylon (w. Mike Dean of COC)
05 Silent Spring (w. Kurt Brecht of DRI)
06 Ice Cold Man (w. Lee Dorrian of Napalm Death)
07 The Emerald Law (w. Wino of Obsessed)
08 Big Sky (w. Tom G. Warrior of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost)
09 Dictatosaurus (w. Snake of Voivod)
10 My Tortured Soul (w. Eric Wagner of Trouble)
11 Sweet Dreams (w. King Diamond of King Diamond, of course)
+ [bonus track: I Am The Warlock (w. Jack Black)]

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