Black On Black – A Tribute To Black Flag

Black Flag is one of those bands that completely rock my world. They were loud, obnoxious and crazy, but the music they made over the years was (and has remained) completely relevant and awesome. They had so much to say, so much they were angry about, so much talent and such a strong work ethic, and they said it all with huge guitar riffs, pounding rhythm and howling vocals. They saw through, and burned it at both ends, no question.

It seems completely logical to me that a tribute album would have to have been made for this seminal band’s work, so when I found this Initial Records release I snatched it up right away, knowing it would rock no matter what. And I was right.

Black Flag messed with a lot of genres. Oh sure, they were a hardcore punk band, but there were metal and classic rock influences in there as well and, as time went on, even some free-jazz jamming. I know. So hot.

Well, this tribute to the mighty Flag definitely focusses on their hardcore roots, with recent metal/hardcore bands offering up their punishing versions of some of the Flag’s hits. Recorded at top volume, these tracks offer screamo vocals, thunderous bass and drums, and guitars that give huge nods to Greg Ginn’s original genius.

My only complaint about this disc (and a small complaint it is, indeed) is how short it is. At 9 songs in less than 30 minutes, this could have been twice as long and covered many more of the band’s greatest tunes (like Clocked In, or Rise Above, the KMA’s theme song Room 13, and so many others), and it still would have rocked completely. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get.

My best advice when playing this record is to Turn It The Hell Up and get ready to rumble. Damn.

Track Listing:
01 American Nothing – Depression
02 Anodyne – Life Of Pain
03 Burnt By The Sun – Drinking And Driving
04 Coalesce – Jealous Again
05 Converge – Annihilate This Week
06 Dillinger Escape Plan – Damaged I & II
07 Hope Conspiracy – Nervous Breakdown
08 Planes Mistaken For Stars – Police Story / Wasted
09 Playing Enemy – Six Pack

PS: According to the packaging, this compilation was originally released as a set of four separate Black On Black 7″ vinyls, each limited to 1000 copies and now out of print. So, you collectors out there might want to keep an eye out for these:

Volume I: Burnt By The Sun, Hope Conspiracy
Volume II: Planes Mistaken For Stars (including exclusive song: Depression)
Volume III: American Nightmare, Anodyne, Dillinger Escape Plan
Volume IV: Converge, Playing Enemy, Coalesce

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