Sloan – Parallel Play


Now, I’m a little biased, but seriously, this band kicks total ass. Pick up any of their records and you’ll know immediately what I’m on about. Within everything they do there’s an intelligent sensibility, an honest, homage-like love of rock and pop. Simultaneously, they’ve cultivated a genuine sound of their own that simply can’t help but make you very happy, indeed. What’s not to like? Exactly.

Most reviewers paid by The Man, surely for lack of imagination and anything else to do with their limited talents, will probably try to compare this new record to the band’s brilliant last one, Never Hear The End Of It which, as you’ll recall, I named my Album Of The Year without reservation. But the comparing? That’s silly. I mean, sure, it’s the same band, but people should know by now that Sloan have been shape-shifting all along, going from grunge-pop to pure pop to Beatles-esque beauty, from huge AC/DC riffs to punk hotness and back again, interchangeably, all the while offering up track after track of greatness. So it’s an exercise in futility to pick at minutiae. Just call it Sloan, turn it up and get over yourself. They fucking rock and that’s all you need to know. Amen.

So here’s Parallel Play, another pure (and sure) shot of sheer listening bliss. Oh my goodness, the hooks! These guys are total masters, and every song is a fist-pumping anthem that totally gets stuck in your head and you don’t ever want it to leave. This record plays like a greatest hits collection. Note to other bands: you better step up. Sloan’s showing you how!

The production here is perfect – I’ve been listening to this through headphones and it’s flawless. And having been to several Sloan concerts myself, I can tell you right now that these songs are gonna totally kill, live. The sound is so huge! Oh baby.

Right now, if you were to force me to pick (which isn’t very fair of you), my favourite track would be the bouncy punk of Emergency 911, which totally makes me wanna jump around with glee, but ask me again in a few minutes and it’ll be the rockin’ Dylan-esque rip-snort of Down In The Basement, and then… and so it goes.

Every one of these songs should be all over the radio. Do you hear me, radio? Huh? Get on it! And you, Frequent Reader? Should you buy this CD? Well, duh! I mean, why haven’t you already!?

I Loved This Record.

Track Listing:
01 Believe In Me
02 Cheap Champagne
03 All I Am Is All You’re Not
04 Emergency 911
05 Burn For It
06 Witch’s Wand
07 The Dogs
08 Living The Dream
09 The Other Side
10 Down In The Basement
11 If I Could Change Your Mind
12 I’m Not A Kid Anymore
13 Too Many

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