GBV Mix-Tapes!

So you all know that our new (to us) car has a tape deck in it. This has sent me backwards in time, as I’ve already noted in these pages. What fun!

Our neighbour across the road was kind enough to loan me his stereo, which can record from CD to tape. I’ve had great fun doing what we used to do years ago: sitting on the living room floor, listening to the songs record in real-time (you kiddies should try this sometime, instead of just dumping gigabytes onto your iPod), planning out what song comes next, reading and re-reading each records’ packaging, and loving every minute of the process.

And so, what was the first thing I made? Two GBV mixes, of course!

Fans will notice that I’ve cheated and just used the Human Amusements collection for the first parts of it (because all those songs need to be here and it was WAY easier to use this than to go hunting for each record they’re from and take each disc in and out), but then the rest of the mix is songs I’ve always felt got left off that set. I don’t envy the person whose job it was to distill 20 years of awesome music onto that one CD, which was meant to be representative of the work of one of America’s most diverse and brilliant artists. That would have driven me mad.

Anyway, my two 60 minute tapes contain the following (and they ROCK!)…

a salty salute
things I will keep
everywhere with helicopter
I am a tree
my kind of soldier
14 cheerleader coldfront
twilight campfighter
echoes myron
learning to hunt
bulldog skin
captain’s dead
game of pricks

tractor rape chain
to remake the young flyer
glad girls
drinker’s peace
surgical focus
cut-out witch
the best of jill hives
hot freaks
shocker in gloomtown
chasing heather crazy
my valuable hunting knife
the official ironman rally song

motor away
teenage FBI
watch me jumpstart
exit flagger
back to the lake
I am a scientist
everybody thinks I’m a raincloud (when I’m not looking)
fair touching
hold on hope
wire greyhounds
skin parade
kicker of elves
the ids are alright

buzzards and dreadful crows
father sgt. christmas card
skills like this
smothered in hugs
jane of the waking universe
useless inventions
girls of wild strawberries
evil speakers
my impression now
postal blowfish
window of my world
gold star for robot boy
pimple zoo

Next up, I suppose, is a mix-tape of Pollard’s solo stuff, and then maybe a mix of stuff he’s released under other band names, and then next I could…

PS: I’ve even had so much fun making these mixes that I’ve created a new tag on this page, called ‘mix-tape heaven,’ which I will attach to all future mix-tapes I make for my car. Because surely there will be more…

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