Ahead By A Century

So I watched this movie called Jumper the other day, largely because I am a fan of science fiction and the premise seemed promising. And what has this to do with music? Stick with me.

The movie, of course, sucked totally. The idea was good enough, but they did everything wrong that they possibly could have done, and all the important bits on which I would have focussed were tossed off like so much inconsequential stuff to be forgotten. The acting was atrocious, the story ended up being insulting, and so I spent two hours of my life that I can never get back. I mean, there were plot holes large enough to drive Sherman tanks through them, and Hey! Wake up, Hollywood! I know you think that Hayden Whatshisname can “emote,” and “do tortured and angst-filled” really well because you’ve been sold that very idea like the nitwits you are but, uh, he totally can’t, OK!? Did you actually see him in Star Wars? That was awful! Oh, and Samuel L. Jackass does nothing for me, and here was just more of the same. Whatever, man.

But I was pretty pleased to hear, at one point in this waste of celluloid, the Tragically Hip’s Ahead By A Century playing, and not just for a second or two, it was definitely on for a little while. Right on. I sure do like me some Hip.

Now, I imagine this all came about because Hayden Whatshisname is Canadian and probably a fan and so he used his “star” clout to get them on the soundtrack for the film. Way to go, thanks, that’s great exposure for our boys because all kinds of people probably tuned in to this crap and stuck it out at least long enough to get to the point in the film where the Hip song is playing.

That was all I had, really. Way to go, Hip! It’s just too bad that it was in such a crappy, idiotic film.

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