Dead Man Walking OMPS

What an incredible line-up of musicians for the soundtrack from this wrenching film, and what a (generally) great collection of songs.

The Springsteen track is absolutely perfect for the mood of the film, and if Johnny Cash had been left off this soundtrack it would have been the crime of the century. Suzanne Vega’s track is creepy and quite unlike a lot of her other work, borrowing heavily, as it does, from NIN without ever managing their level of menace. Lyle Lovett is, of course, always awesome.

The first of two duets between Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Eddie Vedder, The Face Of Love, is entirely intriguing on its own as the great song that it is, but it doesn’t really fit this mix at all. Then Tom Waits come along and does what he does and makes it all awesome. You know, I actually bought this mostly for the Tom Waits tracks. I mean, who wouldn’t? Michelle Shocked turns in a really slinky bluesy number, Mary Chapin Carpenter does her thing and then Tom Waits comes shuffling back again for another round at the bar.

Steve Earle’s acoustic number is perfect for this disc, Patti Smith’s dirge-like number suits her voice and brings the darker moments of this film into the light, and the second duet between Eddie Vedder and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, this time a Pearl Jam song from their tracks they did with Neil Young (who is conspicuously missing on this disc but would have made a good addition, come to think of it) has that Eastern drumming again, as well as some vocalizing in the background, but all I can hear is the original version. The two tracks by this duo would have been better on the Babel soundtrack or something. I dunno. Cool tunes, just not on this disc. Their presence here feels like they’ve been forced in.

So yah. Overall, a good one.

Track Listing:
01 Bruce Springsteen – Dead Man Walkin’
02 Johnny Cash – In Your Mind
03 Suzanne Vega – Woman On The Tier (I’ll See you Through)
04 Lyle Lovett – Promises
05 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Eddie Vedder – The Face Of Love
06 Tom Waits – The Fall Of Troy
07 Michelle Shocked – Quality Of Mercy
08 Mary Chapin Carpenter – Dead Man Walking (A Dream Like This)
09 Tom Waits – Walk Away
10 Steve Earle – Ellis Unit One
11 Patti Smith – Walkin’ Blind
12 Eddie Vedder with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – The Long Road

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