Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static

Let’s be honest: Master Mellow Man Jack Johnson’s newest record (to date) sounds like more of the same as everything else he has ever done. And you might think that that’s really boring, even give up on him for being unoriginal. But you’d be completely missing the point.

Yes, there is a ‘sound’ to what he does, and it’s becoming ubiquitous and, as a result, instantly recognizable. But he’s got a lot to say, and if you really listen to him, damn it all if you don’t feel yourself relaxing and agreeing with the man.

He’s just what this culture needs, with his cries for peace, common sense, environmental responsibility and generally changing our society’s (as well as our personal) ways for the better. Hell, I haven’t heard this much social commentary since the last time I binged on Bob Marley… which really wasn’t all that long ago.

It’s also worth noting that he seems to be trying to back up what he says with his own actions, with the album packaging made from recycled materials, part of the proceeds donated to 1% For The Planet, and the entire album recorded using 100% solar energy. Very sensible, and very cool. And he’s not pushy or obnoxious about it, like so many other people are. I like that.

Best out of all of it, there’s a great groove here, and the songs are well-crafted, completely listenable and highly enjoyable. If everyone had this stuff in their car stereos, there might never be road rage ever again.

It would be impossible to lose one’s balance in life while listening to this record.

Track Listing:
01 All At Once
02 Sleep Through The Static
03 Hope
04 Angel
05 Enemy
06 If I Had Eyes
07 Same Girl
08 What You Thought You Need
09 Adrift
10 Go On
11 They Do, They Don’t
12 While We Wait
13 Monsoon
14 Losing Keys

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