Rollins Band – Illumination

Gotta love Hank. Even when he gets remixed.

Found this single in Toronto and, of course, it had to come home with me because I am a completist obsessive-compulsive when it comes to this man’s output.

I seem to recall that, around the time of the release of Get Some Go Again, some copies of that album did not include the remix of this song and so Rollins posted on his site that people who got left out should write in with shipping info and he’d make it right by sending out a single to them. He’s cool like that. Anyway, this copy has Promotion Only – Not For Sale marked on it, so I’m wondering if this is one of those freebies he sent out. Maybe? Cool! In case you’re wondering, my copy did have the remix so it was all good.

So, what we get here is the Illuminator remix of the song from the album, a shortened edit of that same remix (which shaves off 44 seconds – inexplicably, to my ears), and then the original track from the record. The remix is pretty neat, with it’s chugging beat right off the start, but something makes me like the original track best. I love those soaring guitars and the slower build. And then come those pounding drums!! It’s so much more menacing.

Still, cool single!

Track Listing:
01 Illumination (Illuminator Remix edit)
02 Illumination (Illuminator Remix)
03 Illumination (album version)

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