Rollins Band – Tearing

Taken from the blistering and absolutely unstoppable End Of Silence record, this single is another one of those discs that fill the world out there with one track and then an edit version. Do they matter? Do they count at all? I mean, we get the album version on track 2, before which is an edit version that cuts 42 seconds from the original, presumably for radio play.

To their credit, this is marked as a promotional copy through Imago, not for sale, so we have to imagine a zillion of these going out to radio stations in the hopes of getting some airplay and exposure for an album that should be in everyone’s Top Ten Of All Time list. That’s cool. But not everyone needs to own this single, except me, of course, because I am a huge Rollins fan and it gets me that one step closer to a complete collection of his work.

Well whatever, this is a great tune from an absolute monster of a record. If you don’t own the album and play it often, there’s something seriously, seriously wrong with your record collection, not to mention your listening habits.

Track Listing:
01 Tearing (edit)
02 Tearing (album version)

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