Aerosmith – Greatest Hits

Think about how many Greatest Hits packages that Aerosmith has released over the years. It’s got to be close to 10 or 15 by now, isn’t it? Is anyone even counting, anymore? 


Even people who only call themselves fans in passing probably own at least one or two such collections. This band, or at least somebody behind a desk somewhere making these choices, really has a knack for re-packaging these songs and selling them again and again.


And that’s just it, folks. It’s the same damn music over and over. Am I the only one paying attention? It may even reach a point where Aerosmith has more Greatest Hits records than they do actual albums. Imagine that.


But for all of that, this is one of the originals, and it’s got all the oldies and goodies on it, all the songs from the 70’s that you know word for word, note for note and still you love them. Not even "rock radio," those bastions of hammering songs to death in their limited rotations, where good songs go to become annoying and one-hit wonders can live forever, cannot kill these songs.


This disc was a ton of fun to listen to, although I still can’t get my head around the fact that that is indeed Tyler’s voice on Dream On. Yeesh. But this may be the only hits collection to contain the original Sweet Emotion, with its absolute monster riff, not some live version or remix or something. And we get Walk This Way before Run DMC re-envisioned it, with it’s huge riff. And then there’s the Beatles cover…


You know, it may be true that Aerosmith is the same as Guns N’ Roses, in that it’s all about Joe Perry more than it is about Steve Tyler, same as it’s all about Slash rather than that shorts-stuffing Axl. Yes, in each case the front man is a whirlwind of energy and soaring vocals, but without those completely gigantic riffs, the songs would have none of their power. Yeah, it’s all in the guitars.


A guilty pleasure. Recommended.


Track Listing:

01 Dream On

02 Same Old Song And Dance

03 Sweet Emotion

04 Walk This Way

05 Last Child

06 Back In The Saddle

07 Draw The Line

08 Kings And Queens

09 Come Together

10 Remember (Walking in The Sand)

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