Evens – The Evens

There’s still an edge to his voice, but here it’s expressing itself in a very different way from what we’re accustomed to… and it’s great! We all know by now that Ian MacKaye’s brain is restless, indignant and brilliant, and this is a completely worthy addition to his growing discography. Amy Farina (Warmers, Ted Leo)’s drumming is stellar, and their voices meld perfectly into each other. The lyrics are smart and interesting. The music is inventive and gorgeous. What more do you need to know?


The Evens are awesome, and you should own both of their records. It’s maybe not what you’d expect when you think of the music MacKaye has made in his life, but it’s completely awesome because it is so different, and because the songs he and Farina have created here are so incredibly and undeniably strong.


Get it and love it.


Track Listing:

01 Shelter Two

02 Around The Corner

03 All These Governors

04 Crude Bomb

05 Sara Lee

06 Mt. Pleasant Isn’t

07 Blessed Not Lucky

08 If It’s Water

09 Until They’re Clear

10 On The Face Of It

11 Minding Ones Business

12 You Won’t Feel A Thing

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