Robert Pollard – Eat 5

Here we have Volume 5 in the (by now) venerable EAT series from our main man, Robert Pollard. Happily entitled The Dogshit Chronicles. Oh my. And what a collection it is, chock full of hilarious stories of harrowing drunken exploits and tall unbelievable tales that are quite likely all true anyway. 


The stories are short, sure, but that hardy matters. This is a fun volume and totally worth your time just for a laugh. I got it, of course, because I make it a point to try to get everything Pollard-related, but you might have a good chuckle at these tales as well, some night when it’s late and you don’t want to start reading a new novel because you really should be getting to bed for tomorrow but you’ve had a bad day and you just want something that’ll cheer you up a bit. This will work wonders. Of course, if you’re a die-hard GBV fan like myself, these stories are just more grist for the mill, additions to the On-Going History Of Bob.


Now imagine living this stuff, not just reading about it, then try to sleep. How much more proof do you need that this man is awesome?


The Legend continues to grow.


Table Of Contents:

01 Life Is Football – Hit Somebody!

02 You Must Eat The Lawn Chalk! (Dog Shit 1)

03 David Jansen

04 David Copperfield

05 Lugnut Blues

06 Either Or

07 Dogshit 2

08 A Predisposed Irishman In Yellow Springs

09 Steak And Eggs

10 Red Dawn (Olivia Neutral Milk Control Tremors)

11 Quick One

12 St. Patrick’s Day Police And Firemen Benefit

13 Good Hands With All-State

14 Fabulous Freebird’s Freedom Cruise

15 Born Again Pizza

16 Black Dog

17 The Hitler Of Crickets


PS I love this EAT series, as you can imagine. But I have a question: Have I written about the other four volumes in this series yet? If I haven’t, I am surely remiss and will get right to that very thing shortly.

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