Buttless Chaps – Cartography

For the past ten years, the Buttless Chaps have been producing uncompromisingly great records. Fans of the band will know exactly what I mean by that. Happily, Cartography is certainly a worthy addition to their discography.

It starts out on a six minute slow groove, almost contemplative and heavy on the bottom end, as though it wants to ease you into being there with it. The instrumental playfulness at the end of that track is worth the price of admission alone. The remainder of the record’s tracks mostly embrace that approach, and the album glides past you like a long night drive through the prairies. Even the few songs that speed up a bit sensitively do so without trying to overwhelm you. The pacing allows your brain to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into these songs, every solo taking on new meaning, the notes taking their time to wash over you. Try this record with headphones… lovely!

This disc is perfect for those late night hours when the quiet seems too loud, when you need a friend with a sweet, warm voice to help hold the shadows at bay. Completely recommended.

Track Listing:
01 Cartography
02 The Opera
03 Water By The Wayside
04 When It’s Cold Outside
05 Broken Transit Broken Soil
06 Are We Forgiven Now?
07 Coal Grey Sky
08 Total Amounts Left Are Not Enough
09 Complications May Arise
10 Before The Night It Buries You

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