Paul MacLeod – Bright Eyes Fade

We love Paul MacLeod’s records. We own them all – his solo work and the ones he made with Hibakusha and the Skydiggers too. We go see him play every chance we get (which, unfortunately, isn’t as often as we’d like but we do our best). So imagine our excitement when we learned that he’s finally released a new record! Bliss!!

Bright Eyes Fade was definitely worth the wait. It’s all here; the brilliant songwriting, the stellar guitar work, and that soaring, completely distinctive voice of his. Every song he writes is beautifully crafted, thoughtfully considered and imbued with that clear sensibility that is all his own. Whether it’s a full on pop-rock song or an achingly beautiful acoustic guitar meditation, Paul MacLeod succeeds so completely that it isn’t fair to others who would try to achieve what he does.

KMA’s Recommendation: Get yourself to Busted Flat’s site and snag yourself a copy of this slice of brilliance. Oh baby.

To say that I loved this record would be understatement of the year.

Track Listing:
01 A Clear Thought
02 Annalisa
03 Lies
04 Virginia
05 Holland
06 Cienfuegos
07 Bristol
08 Money
09 Down In The Street
10 Tomorrow
11 Blue

P.S. Hey Paul, thanks for the song “Money.” Man, I’m totally with you on that one!

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