The Organ – Thieves

Hooray for this CD-EP from Mint Records’ The Organ! We here at the KMA would like to extend our most hearty Welcome Back to the band. We’re SO happy that they’re releasing songs together once again!

This far-too-short disc offers us six tasty blasts of music that beautifully meld college rock and that instantly recognizable 80’s pop sound. There’s synthesizers and jangly guitars, and harmonizing vocals that fit everything perfectly. There’s even an excellent acoustic-driven track at the end. Repeated listens prove the brightness this band has always displayed. There’s much to love, here. Much indeed.

Is it just me, or can any of the rest of you hear the Immaculate Machine covering Fire In The Ocean? Such a great song. And to answer that piercing question in Can You Tell Me One Thing, yes I am alright, thank you very much, now that The Organ is back!

We can all only hope that this slice of awesome is the precursor to a whole upcoming album of songs from this band.

Track Listing:
01 Even In The Night
02 Oh What A Feeling
03 Let The Bells Ring
04 Fire In The Ocean
05 Can You Tell Me One Thing
06 Don’t Be Angry

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