Boston Spaceships – Brown Submarine

In the growing list of excellent releases Robert Pollard has given us since striking out on new ventures post-GBV, Brown Submarine is one of the best yet. It is, if I may say so (as a proud fan of all of the man’s output), a pretty much perfect pop-rock album.

And what makes it so? First, you need whip-smart arrangements, music, lyrics , and delivery. There’s no shortage here, not by a long shot. Everything is in it’s right place and it’s impeccable. But even within that framework there’s that unmistakable, essential second ingredient that Pollard mastered for himself long ago: fun and irreverence. Underneath all of that experienced sound is a smirking kid creating mischief as often as possible, and it makes the songs completely infectious. You can just tell they’re having a blast playing this stuff – the band is right into it, and Pollard really sings his ass off with an energy that shames much younger bands. Awesome.

There’s not a bad song here. I could listen to this record for days and never get tired of it. If you’ve been hesitant about the post-GBV releases, buy this one with confidence.

Track Listing:
01 Winston’s Atomic Bird
02 Brown Submarine
03 You Satisfy Me
04 Ate It Twice
05 Two Girl Area
06 North 11 A.M.
07 Zero Fix
08 Psych Treat
09 Andy Playboy
10 Rat Trap
11 Soggy Beavers
12 Ready To Pop
13 Still In Rome
14 Go For The Exit

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