Circus Devils – Ataxia

The unapologetically prolific Robert Pollard is back with yet another great record under the banner of the Circus Devils. Alternately prog-rocking out, taking spacey trips into psychedelia, and offering up poetically beautiful and weird lyrics has always been this project’s raison d’etre. In fine flying form yet again, most tunes are kept so short they seem to be sketches rather than fully-formed songs, which is simply Pollard’s well-known ADD approach to writing a seemingly endless supply of greatness.

Ataxia is messy, slightly spastic and sounds completely great. What’s not to love? Half of this might sound like a soundtrack to some visionary art school project, probably for fans only, but anyone can get to this brilliance if they just open their minds. You should get this record.

Track Listing:
01 Under Review
02 I-Razors
03 Freedom’s Monster
04 That’s The Spirit
05 Backwash Television
06 The Girls Will Make It Happen
07 Mayflower Brought Disease
08 Stars, Stripes And Crack Pipes
09 Ataxia
10 Nets At Every Angle
11 Hi I’m Martha, How Are You?
12 Lunatic Style
13 Get Me Extra!
14 I Found The Black Mind
15 He Had All Day
16 Fuzz In The Street
17 Rat Face Ballerina

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